IndusVeda Organics

Our Motto - We want to give back, what we took from Mother Earth

So far IndusVeda has successfully been working in about 60 villages in 6 states (Maharashtra, North East, Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala), and has improved the livelihoods of more than 6000 farmers. IndusVeda will be improving and continuing with these efforts.

This has been achieved by creating better value chains in agriculture for various commodities, and creating different niche marketable products for different farmers groups, such as Black and red quinoa, Millets, Coconut Sugar, Speciality Flours, Spreads, Khapli Wheat, Black Rice, Red Rice, Spuirilina, Moringa Powder, Alfa- alfa seeds, Sprouts, Seeds, A2 Milk, Buckwheat, Fresh Organic fruits and vegetables etc.

  • We change and teach our farmers to become organic farmers.
  • We work with Organic Farming Society Kerala and Karanataka, Andhra pradesh, Regional Centre of Organic Farming (RCOF), government of India to monitor PGS certification to our farmers.
  • We have already doubled income of farmers, but our objectives are to create wealth for them.
  • We believe in grading and packing and having an agro based processing project in every village.
  • We have formed group of Farmers in Karnataka, Rajastan, Andhra Pradesh, Amhed Nagarand Junnar for Desi Cow, Camel Milk & Goat farming.
  • Two Mahila groups in villages are already extracting and selling all their cold pressed oils. More and more group is being formed.
  • More than 150 groups are in process for Organic farming.
  • All Group members follow Organic farming and are under the process of group organic certification.
  • Group members have saved more than 70% by purchasing inputs together.